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About Us

Mission Statement

New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc. is committed to raising the standard of home health care by educating and training their staff to live up to the challenges of the profession, by working in concert with the patient and/or family through open communication, by providing the patient and/or family with education, and by respecting the patient’s unique and individual needs, cultural background, and beliefs regarding medical care and care during the final moments of life.

New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc. is committed to the concept that all individuals have the right to comprehensive home health care from qualified competent healthcare professionals who will provide the type and quality of healthcare required.

This Agency ascribes to the concept of health defined by the World Health Organization as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc. ascribes the belief that each individual is endowed with the gift of life from the beginning of each unique existence until the final moments of life and that each human being has the right to die in peace and dignity.

The focus of this Agency is on providing needed healthcare, coordination, education and counseling while respecting the autonomy and rights of the patient and their family to make decisions affecting their present and future health status. This commitment includes the determination of physical, psychosocial and rehabilitative needs.

New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc. believes that a truly effective staff possesses a kindhearted, understanding, responsible, loving, caring attitude and demonstrates this by kind and competent responses. The optimally effective staff member accepts the responsibility to develop and enhance his/her knowledge, skills, judgment, and individual abilities to accomplish the tasks and patient care required.

Quality Improvement Program
A comprehensive management approach that focuses on the systematic, ongoing and continuous awareness, monitoring and improvement of quality in clinical, professional, and administrative practice.

The quality Improvement Program provides a planned, organized and on-going process to:

  • Ensure that care for each patient consistently reflects current problems, interventions and goals that correspond to the care provided and appropriateness of continuing care;
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality, safe, and patient-specific care by all disciplines and programs including skilled nursing, ancillary, personal care, supplies and durable medical equipment, pharmaceutical and laboratory services;
  • Protect and promote patient rights;
  • Validate cost effectiveness, appropriate, utilization of resources in the care delivery process;
  • Assumes compliance with Agency’s policies and procedures, professional practice acts and accreditation standards and local, State, and Federal regulations;
  • Ensure that improvement activities follow the quality improvement process, meet minimum regulatory and accreditation requirements, patient and staff expectation and needs, and consider the Agency’s mission and philosophy; and
  • Validate that Agency’s policies and procedures reflect issues that surface in the Quality Improvement process.

New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc. is dedicated in achieving its goals for its Quality Improvement Program including but not limited to the following:

  • Improved patient care outcomes
  • Improved patient satisfaction, validation of quality and cost effectiveness of in-home patient care
  • Improved application of the hiring process
  • Increased sharing and dissemination of information and resources
  • Improved clinical performance
  • Improved documentation practice
  • Improved employee job satisfaction

At New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc., we believe in and respect the following:

It is the right of every patient to receive comprehensive and high quality care. The patient has the right to the type and level of care that will allow attainment of his/her maximum potential for physical, spiritual and social well-being.

Awareness of our patients’ rights, needs and level of satisfaction are driving factors in the ongoing quality improvement program as we continue in our effort to provide the best quality care and services possible.

Mission Statement:
New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc. strives to pursue its vision and Agency’s mission statement to meet the health care needs of every patient in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The success of the Agency in achieving its vision and mission statement relies on the coordinated effort by each member of the management team, its staff and personnel. Everyone has to adopt the principle of Quality Improvement, become committed to contributing his/her best, assume the responsibility to provide quality care and put forth the effort to improve the quality of care and services.

New Horizon Home Health Care, Inc. defines the following terms:

Quality of care — Refers to any one or all of the following definitions:
1. The degree to which patient care and services increase the probability of a Desired outcome and reduce the probability of and undesired outcome give the current state of knowledge.
2. Necessary, safe, appropriate and effective care that is perceived by the patients and caregivers as adequately meeting their needs.

Customers/Clients — Refers to patient, their families, caregivers, physicians, Vendors, interdisciplinary staff, and/or any other referral source.

Quality Improvement — Refers to any or all the following:
1. Planned systematically and organization-wide program designed to appropriateness of patient care, resolve identified problems, identify and pursue opportunities to improve in-home patient care.
2. A means of identifying actual and potential problem areas, opportunities to improve care and providing the tools to accomplish them.